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Ashley Lucyshyn - Natural Light Photographer

All Photos by Ashley Lucyshyn

Hello there!

Welcome to my website. My name is Ashley Lucyshyn and I am a natural light photographer based out of YXE. I believe in capturing moments as they happen. Real life memories that will last you a lifetime! I want to capture YOUR story as it is - whether that be newborn baby snuggles at home, your littles refusing to wear anything but their favourite shirt, graduation day and all it's glory, two people in love choosing to do life together, and all of the little moments in between! 

A few things about me...

- I enjoy spending any spare time I have with my wonderful boyfriend Lukas, our chocolate lab Guinness and all of our friends and family!

- I enjoy the occasional glass of white wine and love my Tim Horton's steeped tea! 

- I am a business student at the University of Saskatchewan and would love to go full time with my photography once I've graduated

- I absolutely love travelling!! I have been to Europe twice as well as various other places and it still isn't enough for me!

Now that you know a little bit about me and have had a chance to look through my work I would love to connect with you and be your photographer.

Talk soon,

Ashley XO